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ThunderCampaign helps its users to understand crowdfunding campaign structures and its most important value drivers by providing a cloud-based business intelligence software with a broad range of statistics based on a quantitative and qualitative big data analysis of thousands of successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns worldwide.

By using our dynamic dashboard you can access different statistics that help you understand optimal campaign structures and where to find value drivers. We analyze crowdfunding campaign structures breaking it down in micro-structures of products, tangible and intangible perks and providing charts and filters to navigate and slice-and-dice through our database.

You can set filters to focus your search or compare data sets, like the campaign fundraising target, the specific market or the product pricing. Here a few examples of statistics:

  • Campaign pricing vs. final retail and early bird pricing
  • Impact on campaign's value of product options and customizations (like colors or limited editions)
  • Impact of different types of perks (product, tangible and intangible) on total campaign value.

Meet our team

Frank M. Saviane


Andrea Colognese


Mauro Bolis

CTO, Lead Back-end

Emanuele Brivio

Lead Front-end